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Igbo Marriage And Bride Price: Put The Records Straight (Represent Your Culture)

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Good Morning Lovely Family,

I come in peace and I wish to indulge your collective contribution to my search. There seems to be air of misconception filled with untrue ideologies on igbo custom of marriage and bride price--at least from the majority of non-igbos who wish to marry an igbo lady.

I do understand that igbos are of diverse customs, tribe and tradition, which stipulate different rules, requirements when it comes to issues of marrying a lady from such regions.

Several months ago, a particular thread hit front page which was created by blogger flirtykaren; I mean In that thread, an image of list of items that should be presented by the groom was captured. The reaction of readers to the said list or thread announced displeasure. Some could be heard saying that Igbos sell their daughters; others asked are they gold? Others said they will never marry an Igbo lady. It went on and on.

The sad part about the above mentioned event in that thread is that over 100 blogs have copied same content, same image and thereby circulating what might not be true. I can tell you that that report might be doing more harm than good, beyond what we might imagine. How did I know, I did a google search for the keyword phrase :"Abia State Bride Price". What I saw was a circulation of flirtykaren's post. Some other guys might do a google search and will be greeted by same reportage, which could be detrimental to potential bride of igbo extract.

A certain section of the thread claimed that in their own custom, it is relatively cheap/ affordable to marry a from his/her own tribe. Another said that the list is lie and nothing like that exist in their place. This captured my reason for creating this thread. I would want us to give potential non igbo groom the right information. This could mean that flirtykaren, just like many bloggers in Nigeria, didn't do thorough research and investigation before reporting such thread.

Numerous threads have also been created on same topic which still caused uproar by non igbos while some still claim it is not expensive to marry from their region. Is that the case? Wouldn't be nice if you (those who claim it is not expensive) to educate us on how it is done with broken down procedures?

 Are you from Imo State, Anambra State, Ebonyi State, Abia State, Enugu State? What part of these states are you from? Can you be kind and humble enough to educate us how traditional marriage is carried out in your tribe among this states? I want specifics according to how it is done village by village, clan by clan and not one that represent the entire Igbo tribe.

I decided to put this here because we have more married folks around here, as against the Culture section and since Nairaland is quickly indexed, this could serve as panacea or palliative in the future among blogs.

Please this is very important. Thank you for your time.

 source: Nairaland

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