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Ramsey Nuoah to direct Living in Bondage sequel

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Twenty six years after its release in 1992, ‘Living in Bondage’ is set to get a sequel which will be directed by Nollywood veteran, Ramsey Nouah.

The sequel which is titled Living in Bondage “Breaking Free” will be a  continuation of the blockbuster but with a more intriguing story angle according to the producer.

Produced by Chris Ode, with Steve Gukas, as the executive producer,   Living in Bondage sequel will be Ramsey Nouah’s debut in cinema movies as a movie director.

Living in Bondage sequel will feature some of the old characters in the 1992 version while new generation actors with high interpretation dexterity will be introduced.

Speaking on the movie, the lead actor, Kenneth Okonkwo, said the sequel is to repackage what started Nollywood and fit it in to the modern environment of movie world.
“We are saying that you will get at least five times better than what you got then and I have told you that I have got at least five times better than I am now.

“So, you are going to get a better story. A lot of things we did then  was  when we were in shadows but now, a lot of them are going to be in substance. You will get something fantastic, something explosive, something beautiful, something that is going to be the 21st century Nollywood because we did the first one in the 20th century,” Okonkwo said.

Speaking on the project, Ramsey Nouah says: “It addressed issues that we couldn’t talk about then. Its beauty lies in the language used which is understood by a certain part of the country, yet was watched by many. So why not bring back this great movie in our contemporary world.

”People will still talk about the way Kenneth Okonkwo killed his wife for money rituals and how he was tormented. Don’t forget the likes of Kanayo O. Kanayo and Bob Manuel Udokwu who intrigued us with their roles. All these made the movie a great hit and we are sure that the sequel will do better.”

Nouah also stated that, while it is important that producers and directors are aiming to get Hollywood standards in their productions, “it is imperative that our cultures should be celebrated.”
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