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First ever Afrobeats Musical Film - @bimbiphilips

History is been made yet again in the Afrobeats/African music industry. We now have our first ever music film. If you have watched and enjoyed Moonwalker by Michael Jackson or Trapped in the closet by R. Kelly, I am sure you will be very interested to see Afrobeats’ very own product.
Bimbi Philips, the Nigerian born Afrobeats artist has placed his name as the first ever to embark on a project such as this. In this film, he plays himself as a successful artist caught between chasing his dreams and managing daily struggles of life Every time he accomplishes a new goal, the burdens of love, trust and survival, rear their ugly heads.

The Musical Film is titled Go Getta and we have heard that the story is based around his life. We will keep you updated on news of the release date, so stay tuned. In the mean time, enjoy this very short clip.

For more information on Bimbi Philips upcoming Go Getta project, visit or follow him on all major platforms @bimbiphilips.

Few BTS Clips: 

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