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How SARS Arrested Us Over Alleged Improper Dressing, Demanded N.1m Bribe – Female Rapper Reveals

Yewande Abiodun, a budding rapper, popularly known as Tipsy, and her friend, Tamaradenyefar Clement, on Wednesday shared how operatives of the Special Anti Robbery Squad allegedly arrested them for “indecent dressing,” and demanded a N100,000 bribe from them.
The two ladies said the SARS officers threatened to take them away and that they paid N10,000 to secure their freedom.
In a chat with Punch Online, Tamaradenyefar alleged that she and Yewande encountered the SARS operatives around Akowonjo-Egbeda area of Lagos on Tuesday night.
“My friend and I went to visit another friend and on our way back, around Akuwonjo Egbeda, they (SARS officers) stopped us, asked us to come down from the Uber, searched our bags and found nothing asides money,” Tamaradenyefar alleged.
Continuing, she said, “Next thing he goes ‘Go and meet our Oga.’

“We were confused; so, we asked, ‘meet the Oga? Why?’
“He said because we were dressed indecently and it’s against the law. We tried asking questions and the only thing they ordered us to do was to enter their van.”

From her Twitter handle, @Tamaradenyefar, the lady revealed that the SARS operative asked them to pay the sum of N100,000, and they ended up paying N10,000, before they were allowed to go.
And even after the girls had paid the money, Tamaradenyefar alleged, they were only released after one of the operatives had given Yewande his phone number in the hope that she would be interested in meeting him later.
When asked what they were wearing, Yewande said, “I had a fully covered T-shirt and (a pair of) shorts. My friend had a tee (T-shirt) on as well and a skirt.”
Asked if they could provide the photographs of what they were both wearing as of the time of the encounter, Yewande told PUNCH Online,”We didn’t even have time to take pictures, as we dressed up in a hurry to go out.”
Tamara shared photos of one of the SARS operatives, whom she identified as the “Oga of the SARS Operatives.
She added that the SARS operatives revealed they were from Panti police station.
On her Instagram handle, Abiodun shared the alleged photograph of the operative, David Ale, who reportedly gave her his number.  She said she got Ale’s photograph from his WhatsApp profile.
Below is a photo Abiodun shared of the SARS operative, claiming she got it from his WhatsApp.

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