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Paul Obazele: Lesbian And Gay Producers Dominate Nollywood - Celebrities

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 Nollywood actor, Paul Obazele who was one time the President of the Association of Movie Producers in Nigeria, has mentioned that the Nigerian movie industry is dominated by gay and lesbian producers.

Paul Obazele stated this in a chat with Saturday Beats and that while he was the president of the association, he tried his best to curtail their activities.
“I would not lie, we have gay producers and lesbians in the Nigerian entertainment industry and they are the people in control. Why are we hiding it? When I was president of the Association of Movie Producers, I was against them.

 Why are we pretending that it does not happen? The same way it happens in Nollywood is the same way it happens in the medical field and other fields. The truth be told, it happens across the board. If you mention the names of some producers, I would gladly tell you if they are gay or not; they cannot do anything to me.

If they bring a war to me, I would take it to their doorsteps. I do not give into gossips but I have got to a place in my life when some unsolicited pieces of information come to me. They must tell me. I am an elder in this industry and that is why I said if you mention names, I would tell you if the person is gay or not. It does not elude us; it happens within our rank and file.

But like I always say, sex is not the ultimate step to attaining success, it is hard work,” the thespian said.

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