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Drama As Wanted Fake NEPA Staff is Caught infront of Police Station in Port Harcourt (Photo)

According to the Facebook user who shared the photos the guy scammed them of N90k after false fully claiming he was a staff at PHED, But was finally caught right infront of a police station today in Port Harcourt.. Read below!
''Fake "Nepa" guy Busted! Check out this dude, Hope Dennis Akpan, claimed to work for PHED. In January this year he collected N90,000 from me for the installation of prepaid meter.

 isappeared into tin air after payment. He refused taking my calls or replying my messages immediately after then.

I once promised him he would run into me someday. That day was today. Just by the entrance of Anti-Cultism Unit. SOS port Harcourt, Barry Diginee, and I caught him like a butterfly.

God is good. Hope made it so easy for us. Imagine a smart con man walking straight into a police 
cell kpakam!

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