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Nonso Bassey & Sigag Give You The “411 ADM Remix” - @NonsoBassey @SigagLauren

Nigerian singer Nonso Bassey is making big moves within the second half of 2018. The singer/songwriter has  partnered up with producer Sigag Lauren to release his new body of work, 411 ADM Remix. 

The new single is an electric groovy ride, which combines soulful elements from the original track ‘411’, with Sigag remaking it into a contagious dance number.

Nonso Bassey was a finalist in the 2017 edition of acclaimed  reality TV show, “The Voice,” and most recently played a starring role in the AfricaMagic telenovela series, “Battleground,” where he has shone brightly. 

He notes that one of his main ambitions with his art is to find new ways to connect with people, inspiring, connecting and entertaining them

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