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Download Mp3 Music: Neyoski [ Folaké ] @NeyoskiOfficial

Neyoski Jéjé is a vibe. He introduces a new groove no one has ever heard on this monster track Folaké. Olanrewaju appears on the first verse courtesy of Eleven Entertainment with the Caribbean “Dance To The Rhythm Whine Whine To The Rhythm My Girl” vibe. 

He releases it on the 21st of August, his late fathers birthday.

“Folaké the queen of the West, òmó dàda, òmó tó sán, the fairest of them all, none compares to Folaké whose patient love overshadows all other lovers; with her sweet nectar that forever draws the roaming butterfly back to her. Ki lo fé Folaké? Folaké ki lo fé? I can give you the World if you'll forever be mine.” - Joseph Ojeaga

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