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"FULL EFFEX" Owns The MIC in Week 1 as Hennessy VS Class V Radio Show Commences. Who Joins Him This Week? - @hennessynigeria

The first week of the Hennessy VS Class 2018 radio show took place last Thursday night, with contestant Full Effex emerging as the winner of the first week, after a three stage battle. 

The first of the five radio shows on The Beat 99.9 FM had eight emcees: Fayz, CGun, Laudereys, Henchinoo, King Ajaa, Astro RB, ZFlogz and Full Effex who began with a 40 second freestyle, and moved on to a 2-part faceoff.

It was definitely a confirmation of the VS Class battle series being the hottest on-air rap battle.
For the final round, Astro went on to battle with Full Effex, and after the two-hour show; Vector, Phlow, Jimmie and host Sam Douglas crowned Full Effex as the winner of the night.
The #HennessyVSClass2018 Radio Show returns this week with a fresh set of rappers who all want the top spot. Tune in Thursday,  September 6th at 10PM on The Beat 99.9 FM
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