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HARRYSONG’S song about death brings ugly memories

WHEN Reggae Blues crooner, Harrison Tare Okiri, aka Harrysong, made an Instagram post, asking fans not to cry when he dies, many took his statement as one with a bad omen.

He said: ‘Don’t cry wen I die, celebrate, put up a kingmaker concert,empower more youths,..i have Lived..i have Done my bit, carry on in grace… TEKERO I LOVE YOU ALL.#altersoldier.”

Worried, fans recalled how, hours after Nigerian rapper, Dagrin died, a fresh single voiced by him, “If I Die”, produced by Effrenzy, found its way on the internet.
The post by Harrysong has been a major discussion on the social media since Wednesday, with fans wondering if the singer was going through any form of depression.

The singer is considered successful in his career, having released hits such as ‘Selense’, ‘Reggae Blues’, ‘Ofeshe’, ‘Arabanko’, ‘Beta Pikin’, ‘Happiness’ and ‘Aka Gun’ among others.

In view of the case of Dagrin and other artistes who have died after releasing songs that seem to foretell their passing, fans really got worried for Harrysong.

Many are of the opinion that Dagrin had a premonition of his exit when he sang: “If I die/ Make u no cry for me – for me, e je n si mi/ E jo ke je n mi/ko le ye won/ko le ye won meaning “If I die, let me rest, please let me breath/they can’t understand…”

In a similar manner, when 2Pac was alive, he made a handful of post mortal songs that made his eventual death even more controversial.

“Why’all don’t hear me tho, I’m trying to make amends /but I’m losing all my muthafuckin friends/They should’ve shot me when I was born/Now I’m trapped in the muthafuckin storm…”

 These were lines from his single “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” off the album, THUG LIFE PT. 1 (1994) Also, Notorious B.I.G’s second album ‘Life After Death’ released March 25, 1997, was released two weeks after his demise and in one of his tracks, “My Downfall”, he said….

“The game lures you down when you die no lie, Lazy eye/ I was high was they hit me, took a few cats with me/Shit, I need company (uh-huh)/Apologies in order, to T’Yanna my daughter/ If it was up to me you would be with me, sort’a daddy dearest…”

Harrysong has just released the visuals to his latest song, ‘Tekero’ on Tuesday, September 4 – a follow up to his successful concert in Warri.

His album is said to be on the way.

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