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Late DaGrin Dad, Chief Olaniyi Olaonipekun Talk About TROD.

The LORD had VINDICATED our Faith, when PRIMETIME AFRICA CEO Kenny Ogungbe & Commissioner Dayo Adeneye interviewed me on the sad & painful demise of the Rap Legend DAGRIN OLAITAN OLADAPO OLAONIPEKUN, that if his demise was going to be the End of MUSIC in OLAONIPEKUN’S FAMILY.
I categorically responded NO, some mock us, some saw it as if nothing good will ever come out of the family but today, OLORUN TI JEWO AGBARA E, TROD ti de ESI ILEKUN OMO ONILE FE WOLE, TROD OMO GBOGBO YIN NIO by Faith.

Hi Chief Olaniyi Abolaji Olaonipekun
(Double Chief)

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