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I notice a lot of artists always have issues putting out their content and this is a major part pushing out content to reach out to your desired audience.  These tips will help you a lot:
What is content marketing?  Content marketing is a term used to describe a form of marketing made popular by internet marketers; the idea is to raise awareness of what you’re promoting by giving out free content. This content can be in whatever form you want it videos, text post, montage, pictures posted on your platform.
Why should musicians do content marketing? Content marketing is cheaper than radio and television promotion; also content marketing will stay longer and can always be used in future.
I took my time to outline these tips into categories and steps that will work for you.
1.       Your review on an important issue revolving around your genre of music.
2.       Countdown of your top five songs with reasons
3.       A poll to know what your fan’s favorite songs are
4.       Countdown of the above favorite songs chosen by your fan’s
5.       Streams of your songs
6.       A  clip of forthcoming songs or album
7.       Collection of songs clips mixed together to showcase a upcoming project
8.       Photo graphs of you with fans
9.       Photo graphs of you in the studio
10.   Allow your fans to review your art covers to select a better one for you
11.   Photos of you having fun eg eating at local spot
12.   Try relate football with your fans giving update about club or matches and how good or bad.
13.   An advance look at your artwork and sound
14.   A best  fan musician Competition  where the winner get to feature you on a track
15.   A best  fan photo where a fan pose and dress your look alike
16.   Giving out airtime, lunch or dinner date
17.   A day in life studio
18.   Videos of your studio session
19.   Behind the scene videos or pictures
20.   Posting of any official video
21.   Recording of a live show you perform
22.   A video diary of how progress on your next single or album is doing
23.   A video of you meeting a fan
24.   A net street video
25.   Pictures of you visiting the orphanage and supporting charity programs
This tip is for both top notch and fast rising stars, content marketing is a very powerful tool for promotion and it’s cheaper. Content marketing will help you build and grow your fan base daily, I will suggest you always push out three content every week.
You can always reach on on ig @TEEEMAQ twitter @iam_tmaq my next article is on who do you need on your team
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