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Ninho and Dadju send heavy loads in "Grand Bain" music

Are you looking forward to it? Dadju and Ninho's Grand Bain clip is finally here! For their new collaboration, one year after Jamais, the two artists have gone to great lengths with a sublime achievement that makes sparks. They take us between sea and land to denounce jealous people and sharks.

Dadju and Ninho reunited in the Grand Bain clip

After having collaborated on the title Jamais for the album "Destin" , Ninho and Dadju find themselves on the track Grand Bain, an extract from the opus "Poison ou Antidote" by the little brother of Gims, which has sold over 200,000 copies. As soon as it was released, the sound unleashed the crowds (15 million streams on YouTube and 16 million on Spotify) and fans of the two artists have been eagerly awaiting the clip ever since. That's it, it was released this Thursday, July 30, 2020.
Dadju and Ninho have gone to great lengths for the real: we can see them together facing a car on fire before discovering the interpreter of Bobo in the heart in front of a shark at the bottom of the water and on a raft stranded in full sea. The clip of Grand Bain is simply sublime, but the audience of the rapper and the one who became a father for the second time especially remember the perfect harmony of their two voices!

An answer to the jealous

In their duo Grand Bain, Ninho and Dadju attack all the jealous and try to protect the love of their life: " She is what I need, I have to present her to yemma / M'aimeras- When I'm broke like the old fashioned way? / Be my Elvira, be my Cardi, I'll be your Offset / Lots of things we won't say for fear of messing up projects / It's the two of us or well nothing until the end / There are too many jealous people, too many sharks in the deep end

Grand Bain" music video

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